What to expect

*Due to the current safety measures required, many aspects of our services have been adjusted. We ask everyone to wear masks, refrain from hugs & handshakes, and maintain a social distance. There is also no coffee fellowship after service at this time.

Expect a warm welcome from our church congregation at Chapel on the Hill. 

We are a loving family of God's people, followers of Jesus Christ. 

Inspired by the Holy Spirit, we reach out in love to each other and the waiting world. 

Please wear what is comfortable. 

We would love to have you join us!



    SHARING FAITH WITH OUR CHILDREN - *we currently do not offer this portion of service.

    Any children who wish to go up to the front are invited to hear a special message just for them from the Pastor. Moms & Dads are welcome to come up front too!


    CHILDREN'S BAGS - *we currently do not offer the bags for safety reasons. You may bring your own items from home, but please remember to take them with you.

    We have bags with quiet toys, books, crayons, etc. located in the back of the sanctuary.

    CRY ROOM - *currently unavailable. A diaper changing table is available in the handicap accessible stall of the ladies restroom.

    The cry room is connected to the sanctuary; this room is for changing diapers, feeding babies, or just taking a break from the sanctuary. There is a changing table, crib, rocking chairs, microwave, sink, toys, and audio feed from the sanctuary.

    NURSERY - *currently unavailable.

    We have a nursery downstairs on the 2nd floor; children (ages 0-5) are welcome to be dropped off there where adult volunteers will supervise their playtime from “Sharing Faith with our Children” through “Lord’s Supper”. 


    *For the time being, we will honor the Lord's Prayer in a different way. We will not be singing and we will not be joining hands.

    After the Prayers of the People, we sing the Lord’s Prayer, with lyrics on the screen. 

    Halfway through, we join hands across the aisles, if you wish. 

    At the end, we raise our hands together in praise.


    *We will continue to honor the Lord's Supper each week, though we will not be using bread, wine, nor juice elements for the time being, nor will we use the kneeling rails up front.

    An usher will direct you when it is your turn to go forward. Lines form along the sides of the sanctuary. When your group moves forward, kneel at the rail if you wish, to receive the elements.

    Wine is served in clear cups and grape juice in purple cups. 

    There is a gluten-free wafer available as well.


    *There is no coffee fellowship after service at this time.

    Help yourself to some coffee or water in the back of the sanctuary and bring it back to your seat!

OTHER Sunday morning OFFERINGS

*until further notice, the following offerings are not available on sunday mornings


Sunday School classes for all ages

are from 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM.

Click here to see the classes available.

For more information, contact Pastor Sean: 262.245.9122

or email: aslwalker@gmail.com


There are several small groups, Bible studies, and ministries that meet Sunday mornings.

Click one to learn more:

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Chapel Singers

Bible Studies


Immediately after service, we offer coffee, juice, and an array of cakes and cookies in our Parlor.

We gather together to greet one another before we start our week.

Hope to see you there!