stewardship has 3 components: time, talent & resources

We respond in gratitude for God's prior gift by sharing our time, talent and resources in return. 

We seek to encourage the giver, through awareness and engagement, to a higher level of discipleship. 

One of the most important aspects of biblical faith is the call to stewardship. 

Each of us is called to worship God with our entire life and to be good stewards of the gifts he has given us: 

our time, our talents and our financial resources. 

We pledge to be good stewards of your gifts, taking care in how we manage and track the resources given to us.

The gift of time & talent

Sharing your time and your talent is an important way to worship the Giver of all good things

The gift of time recognizes and celebrates the gift of life. 

The gift of talent recognizes all physical and mental abilities with which the Lord has blessed us. 

We invite you to consider your gifts and the ministries and activities offered at the Chapel

to determine where you can contribute and then join us. 

A few suggestions are: 

Serve as a greeter before service, or as an usher or help serve communion during service. 

Provide and serve refreshments following service and assist with other Hospitality needs. 

Serve as a Sunday School teacher or Nursery care provider. 

Volunteer at the Food Pantry or help at the Homeless Shelter. 

Lead or join a Small Group.